Christmas Games

Due to many antivirus programs not allowing .zip files to be downloaded, I will need to find a way to allow the games to be safely downloaded intact. Please be patient. If you really want a game, please sent me an SD card, preferably with a low GB limit (2-4 GB) or a flash drive. Include the name of any games you would like. I will copy those games to the SD card or flash drive and mail it back to you. The only cost to you will be mailing it to me. I will pay return postage. Some of my games are still a work in progress. I will make a notation on each game if it is a finished game or if it is still a work in progress. Thanks for your understanding.

I have created three Christmas games. The screenshots and information are below.

The first one is Christmas Breakout
Christmas Breakout is a typical breakout game. You have to remove all objects by hitting them with the snowman ball. This game has 25 levels, each just a bit more difficult than the previous level. When the game starts you have five paddles. When you are down to just one small paddle at the top of the game, that is your last paddle. 


The second game is Christmas Match.
Christmas Maze
Christmas Match is a typical match game. You need to remove all cards by choosing two cards that could be matches. If they are matches, the cards disappear and you choose two more. If it is not a match, the unmatched pair will turn face down and you choose two more. You continue until you have removed all cards. 

The third (for the time being) is the last. It is double Christmas Maze. One maze is a Christian themed maze. The other is a Santa themed Maze.

This maze tells the story of the first Christmas as you maneuver through the maze. It starts with Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem and continues through the three Wise Men.  

                                                Santa Themed

In this maze game you help Santa to get ready for take off.