Compu-Tot-Games Starts With One Game

History of Compu-Tot-Games

When my older grandson was not quite 2 years old, I tried to find a mouse controlled breakout game for him to play. There were no mouse controlled breakouts to be found anywhere. However, I did find a software program that allows me to make my own games. That one game became well over 40 games, not all of them complete. I will be adding the games as I update them for the newer computers. And thus Compu-Tot-Games was created.

My favorite game

Breakout is my favorite game to play on the computer. A breakout game was the first game I ever made for the computer. It was for my older grandson. He wasn’t quite ready for playing the breakout game.  The next few games were keyboard bangers. From keyboard bangers and breakout games, I moved on to making slot machines, match games, platforms, puzzles, mazes. I also created several other games that were my own idea. As I started to have more grandchildren and grand nieces and nephews, I began to make personalized games for them by family. This is something I am considering doing for purchasers of my games. I have to figure out the logistics involved in doing this for others.

Updating games for newer computers

Making the games has always been enjoyable for me. Therefore, I will attempt to make the unfinished games do what I want as I am upgrading my games from Window 95, 98 and XP. Since those versions of Windows are no longer supported, I will not make any new games that can be played on older computers. However, I will go through all my backups and add any from the older versions of Game Maker for those who still have older computers. It will take time to complete this process so check back often to see what I’ve added.

Update post can be viewed here: Compu-Tot-Games