PC Games for Little Guys & Gals

Life and games

As often happens, life got in the way of having fun. My hobby sites were left unchanged for over two years. Hopefully, life will stay out of my way so I can get back to one of the many things I love doing. In this case, creating pc games for little guys and gals.

Working diligently

I have been working diligently on  PC games for little guys and gals. Most of my games have been updated . At present, I am working on three large games that need a lot of attention.  One of them is complete, mostly because of all the work I did on the individual games. The first one completed is called “Play Which 35”. It has 35 full games that can be played from the disk or copied to your hard drive. The games range from keyboard bangers to puzzles, some of which are for older children or more advanced players. Hopefully, I will be able to work this into a downloadable file so you can get the games as soon as you purchase them.

Second Large Game

Another of the larger games will also be a conglomerate of many smaller games. Though most of them have yet to be completed. The game is called “Mr. Dragon Drop’s Alphabet Games” There will be categories of games, all fun games using the alphabet.  Mr. Dragon Drop’s Alphabet Games are suitable for all ages and includes PC games for little guys and gals.

Fifty Level Breakout

The last one is a 50 level breakout game that is not for the faint hearted. I have already put in hours of work to get this working as it should. As soon as it is working the way I want it to work, it will be added to the downloads page. This game is finished but will need some testing to make sure I missed no bugs.

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience. Use the links on the right side to access my other hobby sites. Click the link below to return to the home page of my game making site:  Compu-Tot-Games