Welcome to Compu-Tot-Games

Many antivirus programs do not allow .zip files to be downloaded. I need to find a way to allow the games to be safely downloaded intact. Please be patient. If you really want a game, please send me an SD card, preferably with a low GB limit (2-4 GB) or a flash drive. Include the name of any games you would like. My email is on the right side of the page. Copy and paste it into a compose email. Remove the spaces before and after the “@” before sending. The only cost to you will be mailing it to me. I will pay return postage. Some of my games are still a work in progress. I will make a notation on each game if it is a finished game or if it is still a work in progress. Thanks for your understanding.


Compu-Tot-Games started when my now college bound grandson was about two years old. I searched for a mouse controlled breakout game to teach him how to use the mouse. I never did find one but I did find a software program that allowed me to make my own mouse controlled breakout. What started as just one breakout game has become a total of 35 completed games (more in the work in progress folder). Not all of them are breakout games. This page will include links to all the categories of games I have created as they are ready to be added to the list of finished PC games.